Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top 5 Singles of the Week 4-28-14

A round-up of the latest singles this week. 
by Dustin van Wyk 

Sui Zhen – Pipe Dreams

Melbourne singer/songwriter Sui Zhen recently dropped her first single, “Pipe Dreams”, for her debut release on Japanese label Teto records. The single is a big departure for Zhen as she moves away from her folk stylings to a more electronic based sound. The product is an ethereal dream that is filtered through reel to reel tapes.  Utilising lush 80s inspired synthesisers that float all over the track with delicate drum machine hits which allows Zhen’s gentle falsetto to sit comfortably in the background. “Female Basic” is available on May 1st on limited cassette and digitally via Teto records.

Angkanang Kunchai – Teoy Salap Pamaa

The second instalment of Soundway’s “Sound Of Siam” sees the label exploring the sounds of north-eastern Thailand, focusing on the region’s Molam and Luk Thung music.
“Teoy Salap Pamaa” is a hypnotic single that combines the western soul and funk music of the 70s with traditional Thai arrangements and percussion. The song is hypnotising with its bouncy organ and bass line that allows vocalist Kunchai to deliver a performance that is elegant and meditative as her vocals transport the music into cultural trance.
“Sound Of Siam Volume 2” is available for pre-order via Soundway

Vacationer – Wild Life

Currently embarking on a US tour with Hellogoodbye, self-proclaimed “Nu Hula” quartet “Vacationer” have found time to share their latest single off upcoming LP ‘Relief’. The track is a sonic vacation as it warps in with a twinkling guitar melody backed up by handclaps and intricate percussion works. Vocalist, Kenny Vasoli, fits comfortably into the groove of the song as swirly marimbas and synthesiser melodies lead the song into an anthemic chorus.  ‘Relief’ is available June 24th via Downtown Records.

Taylor McFerrin – The Antidote

Jazz maestro Taylor McFerrin recently unleashed an apocalyptic new single titled “The Antidote” that features Hiatus Kaiyote’s very own Nai Palm. The future-jazz single sees Taylor tapping into a more obscure and introspective sound as he creates a wall of textures that include woozy keyboard lines, stuttering shaker patterns, bass lines played through wah pedals and ascending harp melodies. The song is complete by Nai’s stream of consciousness vocal delivery as she effortlessly moves between angelic singing and fast pace spoken word flows. McFerrin’s debut full length “Early Riser” is available June 3 via Brainfeeder records

Alpines – No Other Lover

UK electro-pop duo Alpines’s second single for their debut full length, “Oasis”,  is drenched in nostalgia as the pair channel a mixture of 90s house, R&B and late 70s quiet storm music. The single has a certain elegance and sleekness that is evident through the track’s infectious bass line that compliments singer Catherine Pockson’s diva like cooing as her vocals marinate the song in soul. “Oasis” is available May 26th via Untrue Records.