Monday, May 12, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know by the end of the week

A roundup of the latest new music delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk


Guerre - Deatheat 

Debut single by electronic newcomer, “Guerre”, is an unusual track that makes use of heavily textured percussions, thundering bass and weaving synthesizers while intimate vocal cuts coat the track in soul daze.  Guerre’s upcoming LP “Ex Nihilo" is scheduled for release July 4th via Yes Please.

Mausi – My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

British Indie-Disco quartet “Mausi” , known for the summer inspired dance tunes, have added another track onto their ever-expanding single repertoire. “My Friend Has A Swimming Pool” is a track that bounces and bubbles through glitched out keyboard strokes, warped bass lines and filtered synth hooks. The song's summer anthem atmosphere is solidified through vocalist Daisy Finetto’s sweet uplifting vocal refrains that soar all over the glossy production.

Fyfe – For You

Fyfe’s David Lyre has returned with a single that grazes over folk, R&B and Jazz as his vocals reverberate off echoed guitar lines, slow burning piano chord progression and tastefully programmed drum beats. The surprise saxophone towards the bridge puts the single in unknown territory and displays a maturing taste in Fyfe’s arrangements and instrumentation choices. “For You” will be released, independently,  on June 23rd via Itunes.

Lola Colt – Jaguar

Garage Rock sextet Lola Colt’s latest offering is an epic 8 minute piece that explores the beauty in dissonant melodies. The surreal textures of the bluesy guitars, spiraling violins and droney percussions create a hazing atmosphere and allow the vocals to punctuate through the instrumentation through its forceful approach that demands the attention of any listener. 

Noami Pilgrim – House Of Dreams

Backup singer turned front women Noami Piligrim, who recently came into focus through her debut self titled EP has quickly returned with an eclectic take on R&B. The track's unforgiving experimentalism with its meticulous chord changes, twinkling synths and low gurgling bass compliment Noami’s deep and poetic vocal stylings. “House Of Dreams” will be released early July via Best fit recordings.