Monday, May 26, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know this week

A roundup of the latest new music delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk

26/ 5/ 14

Still Parade – Reunion

The dream folk stylings of Berlin-based Still Parade is the hub for singer/songwriter Niklas Kramer as he forms a musical marriage between his acoustic-led melodies and tasteful electronic edits. His latest single, ‘Reunion’ is an inviting track with Kramer’s shy vocals being enveloped in serene slide guitar phrases and light Rhodes chords that unify the sound. Still Parade’s debut EP ‘Fields’ is out now on Serve & Volley Records.

Camden Arc - Is It Good To You

New side project from acclaimed Australian producer M-Phazes and beat battle champion 10A takes inspiration from new jack swing and Chicago juke music as they recreate the 90’s cult classic R&B hit by Teddy Riley & Tammy Lucas. The result is a sonic facelift, as they combine intricate vocal cuts and glitches with frantic drum patterns and woozy synth to create an uplifting dance track that serves as a perfect homage to sounds of the 90s.

Tove Styrke – Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You

The eclectic sounds of Swedish musician Tove Styrke has an immediate effect as the listener is impaled with an array of patched percussive textures while Tove’s feminine yelps hover over sporadic guitar hits and organ stabs. Her new sound falls somewhere between the faux-punk styling’s of the Ting Tings and bluesy expressions of Duffy, but still retains a deep independence from these acts with her playful lyrics and boisterous vocals. ‘Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You‘ is out now on ‘Sony Sweden’

Sorceress - Teacup

The New Zealand R&B duo’s latest single ‘Teacup’ expands on their familiar neo-soul sound with faint house flourishes as gentle guitar swells give way for moody keys and deep bass lines  over an upbeat groove. Vocalist Rachel Fraser manages to come across as both serene and fierce as she effortlessly interlocks with the embedded jazz tinged instrumentation. Sorceress’s second LP ‘DOSE’ is out now via Wonderwheeling Records.

Rush Midnight – Fix Me Up

Brooklyn musician Rush Midnight’s latest single ‘Fix Me Up’ from his upcoming self-titled LP is a sensual blend of soul, new wave and indie rock as his passionate visceral vocal hooks are nestled under a neat disco shuffle and an array of synths that navigate through hazy guitar lines.  Rush Midnight’s self titled debut is available May 27th via Last Gang Records.