Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: The Sennheiser HD205 Offers Quality, Affordable DJ Headphones

 Affordable DJ Headphones
 by Jameel Randeree

Sennheiser is a company well known for making some of the best professional headphones on the market today. They have been used by professional DJs and musicians for a while. They are also used in other industries like motorsport, aviation and film production. The HD25 is seen as the holy grail of DJ headphones, but with a high price tag. Enter the entry level HD205 DJ headphones, a cheaper, funkier looking pair of cans meant for newbie DJs.

I picked up these headphones on special online for R 550.00 in December, and man am I happy with my purchase. These are proper DJ headphones. The sound is more balanced than the HD202. The bass isn't as sweet, but this is okay when you DJ because you want clearer mid-range sound when you are previewing the next song in the DJ Booth.

Sennheiser HD205 Review

Rating:            8/10

Pros:               Good Sound for the price
                        Looks Great
                        Solid Design & Build Quality

Cons:               Uncomfortable during
long periods
Long, undetachable cable
is a hassle at times
                        Well suited for DJs only

Key Features: Right side earpiece can
rotate fowards &
                        Comes with a neat pouch
How's The Sound?

These headphones work great for producers too because you can hear everything; the sound isn't muffled by heavy bass. The listening experience is similar to my studio monitor speakers. They aren’t too powerful, and are actually more suited for dance music. However, it's not the best experience when listening to Hip Hop or Dubstep. The Good News is that they don’t distort much at higher volumes.

Are They Cool?

They do look very cool and the quality of these headphones surpasses the price tag. The right cup rotates so you can listen with one ear like a DJ and listen to your wife with the other (not recommended). They clamp to your head like a vice-grip; this is to help with the noise cancellation. The problem with this is that your ears do get sore after long usage. This is okay for DJs because you won't have them on your ears all the time, but also around your neck.

Should you Get one?

Yeah, If you're a DJ. If your not a DJ, then you should rather consider the cheaper HD202. One thing for certain is that both the HD205 and HD202 sound much better then their rivals, Skull Candy.