Monday, June 23, 2014

Ways to Stay in Style this Winter

Your guide to fashion this winter. 
 by Aqeelah Hassen 

Winter fashion can easily turn into a whirlwind of mismatched layers, Ugg boots and plastic raincoats. The need to stay warm and dry while braving the cold is everyone’s main concern, but there are some who manage to do so looking wonderfully chic. With the vast array of stylish and functional winter fashion, there is no need to choose between comfort and style; you can have both. Here are some simple ways to make sure this winter does not send your fashion sense into hibernation.

Invest in key items

Don't be afraid to pay a little more for your winter staples; much like the LBD or a great pair of jeans, these key items are timeless and can be worn for many winters to come.

Instead of wellingtons or Ugg boots, opt for a pair of leather riding or ankle boots. These will keep your feet dry and keep you looking sleek and stylish.

We all know the importance of staying dry, but it is possible to weather winter’s storms without looking like you are about to climb Mount Everest. A parka or trench coat-style raincoat will keep you dry and fashionable; buy one with a detachable hood for even more versatility.

Tailored coats or waist-length jackets are a great way to dress up a plain winter outfit. The classic trench coat will also come in handy throughout winter. Coats and jackets are especially useful when you are in a rush and need to make a plain outfit look more stylish or sophisticated.


Layering is the best way to have fun with winter fashion, but make sure to do it right. Avoid wearing layers that are all the same length, as it could leave you looking boxy or top heavy.

Play with textures and prints; faux fur, leather, chunky knits, flannel, houndstooth and tartan are great for winter but don’t pack all your summery fabrics away because they can be layered into great winter looks too.

It is extremely important to make sure you are able to remove layers without ruining your outfit. There is nothing worse than exposing those tatty winter thermals once you’re inside and the heat is turned on.


With the right accessories, you can transform a timeless look into something trendier. Since great winter pieces are pricey, accessorising is a way to keep your winter fashion current without breaking the bank. There are a myriad of winter accessories; colourful beanies, hats, scarves and gloves that can edge or dress up your staple winter pieces.

This season's winter trends

As important as your timeless winter staples are, trendy pieces are great to have.

This season, oversized coats are a big trend and are perfect for covering or dressing up a questionable or drab outfit you threw on in a rush.

Wide brimmed hats and chunky cut-out ankle boots are great for an androgynous look. They are also equally as stylish when paired with more feminine winter fashion.

With all the coming rain and gloom, fashion is an easy and fool-proof way to brighten up the winter ahead. These tips will help you look your best and make sure you are ready to brave the storms.