Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hollywood Roundup: Lindsay Lohan on Stage; Kesha's Triumphant Return

by Calmin Valentino

Kesha Triumphs and Inspires With Comeback

Kesha discusses the turn around point in her life while gracing the cover of Teen Vogue's latest issue. She opens up about her stay in a rehab center in January and how this has positively influenced her outlook on life.

In the interview she cleared the air by directly addressing the elephant in the room, stating; " My eating disorder is something I've been struggling with for a while, people make up stories but I went to rehab for an eating disorder -nothing more and nothing less. I decided to face my problems head on".

The "Tik Tok" singer wanted to share a personal message to her fans: " My whole message is to love who you are and accept all your beautiful imperfections," she said with confidence. Like most stars she also emphasised the pressures of constantly having the spotlight on her and critics scrutinising her every move; as a result this had only intensified her insecurities.

The artist announced that during rehabilitation she wrote 14 new songs. The time in rehab seems to have done the star a world of good as she admits the process made her much stronger, and she's ready to take life by the horns and make a record that she can be proud of, while not caring what anyone else thinks.

We love her new strong and determined stance, and we have no doubt that her next album will be very revealing and worth a listen. Can't wait.

Lindsay Lohan is back and set to hit the stage 

Lindsay Lohan is set to make a return to acting in London after her much publicised personal troubles involving family feuds and legal battles. So it was much to my surprise when I heard that she's going to be starring in a revival of David Mamet's play Speed-the-Plow. She is portraying the lead role in the play which offers a satirical look at Hollywood. Lindsay is swopping the camera for the stage as she makes a move towards a more disciplined form of acting.

Lohan was a mere 2 years old when the original Speed-the-Plow debuted on Broadway. The star is set to do her stage debut as she interprets the role of Karen, which was originally played by Madonna in her stage debut as well; Madge won two Tony's for her role back in 1988.

We certainly hope the Mean Girls star has left her past behind her as it seems she has finally picked up the pieces after completing rehab.