Monday, August 25, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know this week - 25 Aug '14

 A roundup of the latest music releases delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk

LittleShoesBigVoice – Blue Veins

Creating harp melodies layered over spacey synth phrases while infectious drum breaks fit neatly under vinyl static, London duo LittleShoesBigVoice’s colourful single is both vivid and immediate as all its elements work well together while still remaining separate in the mix. The vocal arrangements supplement the track with even more textures and melodic passages that seem to bounce off the bright production.

Daisuke Tanabe - Paper Planes

Japanese beatsmith Daisuke Tanabe returns with his latest single for upcoming LP Floating Underwater. Expanding on the sounds of his last project, the acclaimed 2012 collaboration with Kidkanevil, Tanabe’s intricate production navigates through deep textures, woozy synth lines and skittering drum edits that lock and release with the glacial key lines. Floating Underwater will be released September 15 via Ki Records

Seyr. - Tainted

With a single beautifully fashioned out of dusty bedroom-produced guitar works, slick 808 bass lines and King Krule-esque male sensual growls, electro-soul duo Seyr. have managed to take the seemingly conventional gimmicks of internet pop music and made something entirely original that both holds the flag for the scene they aspire to be a part of while still retaining some form of musical individuality. The duo’s debut EP Nights Without EP is set for release October 6

Lazy Day – Old Friend

Dreampopper Tilly Scantleburg, known for her participation in the equally dreaming group Hella Better Dancer, has decided to reenergise her solo efforts through Lazy Day, creating music that pays more attention to ethereal atmospheric chord progressions and universally relatable lyrics than anything else. The single ‘Old Friend’ best exemplifies this through the hazy drum timbres and murmured vocal takes are enveloped in an ocean reverb and space echo effects.

Spring King – Not Me,Not Now

Garage Rock collective Spring King’s latest single for the upcoming 80N7 compilation is a fine summery tune that fits somewhere between The Clash, Ariel Pink and The Strokes with its twinkly guitar lines, carefree vocals and tambourine laden drum patterns that add that extra feel-good atmosphere to the mix.