Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sinéad O'Connor Reaches Out for Help

by Tracey Smidt

In an interview with Dr. Phil, to air today, Sinéad O'Connor talks about her abusive mother and her ongoing struggle with mental illness. 

The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer claims that her mother had not only physically, but also sexually abused her as well. Marie O'Connor died in a car crash in 1985, when Sinéad was 19. Early release clips show the singer saying that her mother was unwell and took pleasure in hurting her. Her mother would also make her repeat that she was "nothing" or else she would be beaten.

O'Connor had recently made headlines by posting a video on Facebook of herself speaking openly about her loneliness and the way that her mental illness impacts her life, sparking widespread debate about how society views and reacts to those who face mental health challenges. In the video, O'Connor professes that everyday is a constant struggle to stay alive while living alone in a motel room in New Jersey. She was shortly after hospitalized. More than a month later, she contacted Dr. Phil asking for help.

In 2011, the singer went on a suicidal rant on Twitter. Due to the insistence of concerned fans, the police intervened. In 2015 she announced on Facebook that she had overdosed. Previously, in a 2007 interview, the singer told Oprah Winfrey that she attempted suicide eight times in one year.

Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than a decade ago, O'Connor says that her family does not want to take care of her, although she admits to sharing in the blame for her situation.

August also saw the singer announcing plans to have her name legally changed to Magda Davitt, saying in her interview with Dr. Phil: "Sinéad O'Connor is gone." Her Facebook account has already been changed to the new name.

Watch a clip from the Dr. Phil interview below.