Monday, May 5, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know by the end of the week

A roundup of the latest new music delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk


IYES – Toys (Demo)

British electronic duo ‘IYES’ have shed some light on recent recordings by dropping bedroom pop demo ‘Toy’. The single is a neat mixture of indie pop, electronica and R&B. It has ethereal synthesizers that pan throughout the mix, auto-tuned vocal hooks and sun-drenched guitars bouncing off pulsating hi hats and drum fills. The call and response vocal delivery sustains the momentum of the song as the duo playfully feed off each other’s melodies and polished hooks.

Fatima – Do Better

Swedish born and London based R&B artist ‘Fatima’ has unveiled another single from upcoming debut LP ‘Yellow Memories’. Teaming up with label mate virtuoso ‘Floating Points’ and ‘Theo Parrish’, Fatima has produced an orchestral jazz piece that combines the sounds of baroque music, soul and funk. The single's classical structure forms the crux of the song as multiple wood wind instruments nestle neatly under Fatima’s operatic melodies while locking in with the jittering rhythm provided by the percussions and psychedelic guitars. ‘Yellow Memories’ is available June 2nd via Eglo Records

Movie. – Ads

Hailing from Britain’s South London streets, indie newcomers Movie’s volatile blend of 80’s post punk, woozy glam rock and art funk go straight for jugular. Single ’Ads’ is a nostalgic trip that channels the lyrical quirkiness of mid 90s ‘Blur’ and the sedated romanticism of ‘Prefab Sprout’ all contextualised through modern jangle guitar hooks and boyish falsettos. ‘Ads’ is available June 9th via Skelly Records.

TĀLĀ – Serbia

Taking influence from classical music, golden-age hip hop and computer game soundtracks, electronic producer TĀLĀ’s second single from her forthcoming EP, “The Duchess”, is an infectious pop tune that shape shifts through synth stabs, low rumbling bass and deeply textured percussions. Her vocal refrain “You give me something...” is cleverly placed in between the wall of sounds that calms the eccentric production. “The Duchess” is available June 2nd via Aesop Records.

Seoul – White Morning

Canadian dream poppers Seoul's latest single is a shy and coquettish ballad that melds echoing guitar lines, looping electronic drum patterns and sleepy vocal harmonies. The song's inconspicuous hooks float along the airy production to create a lasting and joyous listening experience.