Monday, August 11, 2014

Crossfit 90 Day Challenge: Week 1

 by Omri Ismail Cassiem

How long is 90 days really? Well technically it is around 2160 hours, 129600 minutes and 7776000 seconds. So not really that long right. Why do I ask such a question? Many years ago when this little training program called Crossfit came out they had a marketing gimmick that said you can get rock hard abs in 90 days. That, for some reason - me being lazy - appealed to me. Finally I have dusted off my training shoes and decided to actually take up the challenge. Over the next 13 weeks I will be doing Crossfit every day for at least an hour, except Sunday because it’s Sunday!

Let’s look at things that may come in the way of my progress… To begin I am a chronically asthmatic person/ I am also a complete tool because even though I am a chronic asthmatic I chain smoke; don’t ask questions, I just do, ok! On top of that I suffer from a genetic disorder called scoliosis, which means instead of a perfectly straight spinal cord mine looks more like the road leading into Krugersdorp with long twisting curves. I have also just been smoking and drinking for the past 9 months with absolutely no exercise involved. Ok, I lied there, I think I did a sit-up once like a month ago. Oh, I am also a full-time student and a full-time writer so if anyone doesn’t have time for this, it’s me.

Well now that we have all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this, let’s look at the reasons why I should. I’m a chronically asthmatic smoker. Seriously, my lungs might just tell me to piss off one day if I don’t exercise. I have scoliosis. If I don’t have a strong core my back tends to spasm out. And finally I’m a full-time student and a full-time writer. I really need a break from words at some point, and what better break than killing myself at gym?

Now to the article. I am lucky enough to be living in an area where there are more Crossfit gyms than McDonald’s restaurants. No jokes; there are two within 100 meters of McDonald’s. Talk about making me feel guilty about my McFeast Deluxe! So I joined one called Crossfit Double Platinum. It is a very small gym but oh so fully equipped that it’s surprising. It also happens to be one of the only crossfit gyms that does programmes every day except Sunday. See my reasoning. Over the next 3 months I will be bleeding, sweating and tearing there. Just as a side note, by the time you read this article I will be getting to the end of my first week of the program. so do send well wishes to my poor muscles.

Let’s look at my body measurements, I will do these once a week so you can see my progress. I weigh 76kg, a weight I have managed to maintain this entire year despite an appallingly low amount of exercise and a massive amount of smokes. My body fat percentage is around 28.4%. Hopefully that will change during the course of this program. My arms are 33cm. My chest is 97cm big; yep, I’m a full A cup, you can see from the pictures below. My waist is 96cm and my hips are 101cm, I have a big bum, ok! My thighs are 50cm and my calves are 37cm large (oh yeah!).

Let’s talk about goals: my current body weight is perfect, so my goal is maintain the 76kg weight I have. I would like to get the body fat percentage to under 10% by the end of the 90 day period though. I guess no more masala chips for me! I would also like my arms and my claves to be the exact same measurement across. I would like to get my waist down to a 92cm size 32 in men’s wear. Oh, and I would absolutely love to have a six pack at the end of this experience.

That’s my little story, please feel free to follow the journey. I am on Instagram uploading a daily body diary @omri_ismail and follow me on twitter @Omri_Cassiem to hear me complain about how sore my body is all the time. Feel free to comment, like and share if your friends are interested in this type of thing. Finally, drop me a mail at if you would like information or to blow smoke up my ass; I don’t mind either way.