Monday, August 11, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know this week - 11 Aug '14

A roundup of the latest music releases delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk

Singles – 2014/08/11

Kero Kero Bonito – Kero Kero Bonito

One of the more peculiar acts to have come out in the past year, Japanese-inspired British-based act Kero Kero Bonito create whimsical pop music that falls somewhere between Miharu Koshi and Katamari Damary. Front woman Sarah Bonito shifts gears between English and Japanese as her childlike vocal chants fit perfectly under the glossy plastic instrumentation that spiral across the mix.

Pyramid Vritra – Track Three

Having been endorsed by Stone Throw records at such an early age, the LA producer/ rapper flexes his talents on his latest offering, delivering a hypnotic freestyle flow that marries well the lo-fi production and nostalgic sampling that lays underneath. Pyramid Vritra’s debut Indra is out via Stones Throw Records

Sophie– Hard

The London-based producer, known for his left-field take on modern pop music, has recently released the second single for his latest 7 inch. ‘Hard’ is a grime-inspired EDM track that constantly mutates through vocal samples provided by singer Hannah Diamond. The instrumentation lives in novelty as it moves between sincerest bass lines and bubblegum pop melodies. Sophie’s 7inch, entitled Lemonade/Hard, is available now via Numbers.

Sakawa Boys – Lazy Eys

Capetonian dream poppers Sakawa Boys' debut effort ‘Lazy Eys’ is a sun-drenched love affair that makes use of fuzzed chord progression, rich lead phrases that fall neatly under a wave of drums and driving bass lines.

Parla – I’ve Been A Mess

There’s not much information currently on this duo other than their lone single that makes use of intimate soul passages and sounds similar to acts such as James Blake and Mount Kimbie, but there is enough individuality in the production to allow the single to thrive in its own space. With lush synths, an array of tastefully edited percussions and vocal coos that envelope the track in tranquillity, it is a standout production.