Monday, September 1, 2014

Take Five: The top five singles you need to know this week - 1 Sep '14

 A roundup of the latest music releases delivered to you every week.
  by Dustin van Wyk 

Fantasma – Sefty Belt

South African super group Fantasma have recently unveiled their long-awaited debut single off their upcoming EP Eye of the Sun. Having only been a unit for less than a year, the Spoek Mathambo fronted collective has been making great strides in the local and international electronic community as their unique blend of Bacardi House, hip hop, maskandi and punk rock which somehow melds effortlessly to make something truly South African and original. Lead single "Sefty Belt" sees the group channeling more conventional house structures with solid snare kick rhythms that wouldn’t be out of place in a DJ Clock release, as well as deep sub bass and noodling guitar works that lock in well with sparse brass synths. The vocal duties are shared by Spoek (who appears in the latter half the track) and the relatively unknown Josiahwise, who makes a pretty decent effort throughout the single as his R&B tinged vocal stylings give the instrumentation that added soul. Eye of the Sun is scheduled to be released November 3rd via Soundway Records.

Ryan Hemsworth – Cream Soda (Feat. Tomggg)

New single by indie hop producer Ryan Hemsworth,sees him indulging even deeper into his new fascination with all things J-Pop. Having recently discovered the dense catalogue of Japanese net label Maltine records, Hemsworth has been releasing a slew of one-off singles with artists associated with the label. Cream Soda sees Tomgggg making a guest appearance as Hemsworth takes full advantage of his intricate and detailed orchestral arrangements, creating a rather refreshing synth pop instrumental that is fun in structure, lighthearted in melody and intricate in delivery.

Osca - Illume

Electro-pop quarter Osca’s follow-up to debut single "Blood" is slick and beautifully structured. The piano-laden track at times comes across as a Keane or Coldplay track from the mid-00s, but that doesn’t deter its overall effect as big guitar sounds, soaring vocal hooks and in-the-pocket bass lines give the single an epic stadium rock feel.

Tokimonsta – Steal My Attention

LA-based producer Tokimonsta’s latest single for her forthcoming LP Desidirium is a lush effort with its dense synth lines, frantic drum rolls and vocal cuts that spiral in and out of the mix while neat kick patterns hold the groove over light hi hats that skitter along with the wobbling moog bass lines. Desidirium will be released September 23rd via Young Art Records

Diggs Duke – Forever Love Is Tainted

Off-kilter R&B singer/producer Diggs Duke reveals another single from his latest offering The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions. Albeit short, the lopsided single sees Dukes experimenting with pitch-shifted Rhodes samples, squalling synths and understated drum patterns reminiscent of D’angelo or Common. His vocals come into full effect on this single as his urgent delivery fits well the upbeat nature of the percussions that carry the song to its closing. The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions is out today via Brownswood Recordings.